Is it possible to experience all content in Spiral Knights without purchasing energy?

There are two sources of energy in the game: mist and crystal. Mist energy is ‘free’ and is capped at 100. Crystal energy can be purchased from other players with in-game crowns or from the developer with US $. Various actions in the game that cost energy consume Mist energy, if available, before consuming Crystal energy.

Can I play the game without ever purchasing Crystal energy and still experience nearly everything someone with unlimited Crystal energy would?


Since you can purchase crystal energy with the in-game currency, it seems like kind of a moot point. There are times where you will need more than 100 energy, for crafting or such. Now you could choose to just not do this, and then you wouldn’t need crystal energy. But you can also choose to go farm some crowns, then buy the crystal energy that you need.

So you can certainly get through the game without ever spending real money, and if you aren’t spending real money, you should just look at crystal energy as another in-game resource which you occasionally need to replenish with crowns.

Source : Link , Question Author : tQuarella , Answer Author : bwarner

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