Is it possible to flag Settlement placements as personal?

Basically, I don’t want all these randoms I barely tolerate living in my hometown to sleep in MY bed. I want to set my bed (and my house, for that matter) as mine and tell the unfortunates I rescued to stay out of it. It doesn’t seem like much to ask in exchange for saving them from raiders/deathclaws/mediocrity. Is there a way to do so?

While I appreciate any answer, I should note that I’m trying to protect the house the main character lived in during the prologue, so tricks involving unusual bed locations aren’t likely to work for me. I’m still interesting in hearing them, though, so don’t let that dissuade you from answering!


Try assigning Danse or Strong (assuming you have one of them) to the bed you want. Those two, maybe some others, don’t sleep so you can keep their bed as your own as they never use it. You can use it as normal.

Source : Link , Question Author : gatherer818 , Answer Author : galacticninja

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