Is it possible to get the Zoltan Shield/Engi Med bot dispersal etc through random encounters?

Each ship you unlock has certain features which distinguish it from the others. The Zoltan ship has the Zoltan Shield Augment, Engi ship has the Med Bot dispersal Augment etc.

Is it possible to come across these augments in the wild whilst piloting another ship? So say I’m using the Red-tail, can I “find” or “buy” the Zoltan shield as an augment?


Neither one will show up in shops or as random rewards. However, there is one event that occurs at distress beacons in Engi sectors that has a guaranteed med-bot dispersal as a reward.

There’s an Engi ship being attacked by rebels. After you defeat the rebel ship, you choose to give them some resources. Give them 40 scrap, two missiles, and two fuel, and they’ll give you a med-bot augment.

As far as I know it’s not possible to get the Zoltan shield or other “special” augments / subsystems outside of starting with them.

Source : Link , Question Author : Robotnik , Answer Author : Community

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