Is it possible to grow cactus?

I have about 3 or 4 cactus blocks that I found during an excursion, but it was really far from my base and there wasn’t a lot of it. Instead of making another long excursion just to search for more cactus, is it possible to plant what little I have in such a way that it will grow more cactus blocks for me to harvest?

If so, what is required for cactus to grow? I know trees only need light. Wheat needs water within 4 blocks and light, and reeds need water adjacent to them. What are the requirements for cactus?


Cactus must be placed in sand, and not adjacent to another block. Diagonally adjacent is okay.

It will grow even in complete darkness, and does not need water.

Source : Link , Question Author : Invader Skoodge , Answer Author : Joe Dovahkiin

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