Is it possible to have too many cities?

I have 46 cities, but for some reason I can no longer attack cities, nor can I raze any of my current cities. Each time I try to finish off the city, it just goes to the next unit. The same happens if I try to attack with that unit. I can nuke, bomb and shoot it to the last HP, but I can’t “enter” the city.

I’m currently using Modern Tank, Mechanized Infantry, Artillery and Paratroopers.
It wasn’t a problem before. I conquered a lot of cities using Tanks.

Is there a limit on cities, or could something else be causing this?


Many people have the same issue. It seems for most of them to have something to do with the darn number 64. While some people on the forums of 2K Games just think that there’s a bug in the code relating to the “special” number, others think it’s all about the fact that this game is a 32-bit game, which means it runs out of memory after a certain amount of cities captured/loaded or something like that.

While reading through the posts, though, I just noticed that this is from 2010! That’s kinda sad, because now I can’t tell you if this is still an “official” bug or already fixed in some way. I can’t find any other forums or posts where this problem is being discussed.

You can find all the information here.

Source : Link , Question Author : drake8 , Answer Author : Schism

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