Is it possible to install Steam games to two different locations?

I want to build a new PC with a smallish SSD. I’d like to be able to install some of my games onto the drive (those I care about loading quickly or I play frequently), but have the rest of them on a larger, slower drive.

Anybody know if this is possible? I’m kind of guessing it’s not, but figured I’d ask anyway.


Here’s what you can do. I had a machine where I needed to install my games on a separate drive so I symlinked the steamapps directory. You can do the same with the directories inside of steamapps. I’ve gotten it working in Vista and Windows 7 using mklink.

EDIT: Install Steam on the SSD and then symlink the games you aren’t using as much with their data on the slower drive.

Source : Link , Question Author : Morinar , Answer Author : Corv1nus

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