Is it possible to kill Vlad?

Is it possible to kill Vlad? I’ve tried many powerful beam spells and charged shots but he regenerates too quickly.

This question specifically is in reference to whether Vlad can be killed before the fight in chapter 9.

If it can’t be done solo, can it be done with 4 players?


No, you cannot kill Vlad.

until chapter 9

He usually sits there passive, until you move so far away from his spawn point, then he disappears. I think he’s a ninja, because he disappears in a puff of smoke.

I’ve dispensed about 50,000 hitpoints on him in single/multiplayer mode. He bleeds a lot, he can be set on fire, frozen, but his health never changes.

As I said, he’s probably a ninja. Right? <_<

Source : Link , Question Author : Sadly Not , Answer Author : glasnt

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