Is it possible to play online with an XBox Live Silver account?

I do not own an XBox, but a friend of mine does. I recently changed my regular on-console gamer profile to an XBox Live Silver profile so that I can use my profile on any XBox. I do want to play online occasionally, but I have heard that it is not possible to play online with a Silver profile.

I’ve seen several places say that its possible to play with online for select games; is this true? Where might I find such a list?



As it currently stands, you must have Gold privileges – either from your account, as part of a Family Pack, or as part of a promotion – to play online. Free (formerly known as Silver) and local accounts cannot otherwise play online.

At one point, Microsoft did offer online play to Free/Silver members for select titles, but it was for a limited time, and that no longer appears to be the case.

Final Fantasy XI is an exception, though: you can play online even with an Xbox Live Free account.

Source : Link , Question Author : NT3RP , Answer Author : Dave DuPlantis

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