Is it possible to play Prop Hunt in GMod without CS:S?

I’ve got GMod and just about every mainstream Valve game excepting CS:S. I’d like to play Prop Hunt, a GMod game mode. Is it possible to play Prop Hunt without CS:S, possibly by obtaining the files?


Yes, you can (even CS:S maps)!

Downloading the appropriate files from here (click on ‘Garry Content’) as shown in this video will work (He’ll show you where to place the files).

It’s just textures (and maps, if you need it) for use as an addon to Garry’s Mod.

This is completely legal because there is another [more complicated] method listed on the officially affiliated site which not only details in its FAQ why it’s legal, but it uses SteamCMD (an official tool from Valve) with the login of anonymous (a free account) to get the files.

Source : Link , Question Author : ian5v , Answer Author : Hashbrown

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