Is it possible to send a gift anonymously or at least without them knowing beforehand?

I want to send someone a gift as I may or may not be involved in a secret santa on steam.

Ideally I don’t want them to know I sent it at all (the secret part) but I guess steam will tell them who sent it. Failing that, I’d like them to not know it was me until the gift notification turns up in steam. I’ll send a custom message so they know it’s part of the secret santa.

I’m guessing people aren’t going to want to post email addresses around, so is it possible to send a gift via steam without their email address and not adding them as a friend?

I have a link to their profile.


I tried sending myself a gift just now – the email contains the sender’s email address, indeed. What you can do is send a gift to your own secondary email address, and send them the URL for redeeming the gift (the URL you receive by emailing the gift to yourself) . Hopefully you have some way of contacting them other than their steam profile; for example, give them the url written on a slip of paper.

Caution: The URL contains the email you sent the gift to. If you don’t want the receiver to be able to guess who you are, and the secondary email you’re sending to is obviously related to you, create a new email account to send to. Example URL, email highlighted:

With this method, the first time they learn the sender’s name will be when they enter the URL into a browser:

If there’s no way to transmit the URL to them without posting on their steam profile, that’s a lost cause, unless you get a third person to act as an arbiter/organizer who friends everybody and distributes the links while keeping it a secret who sent which one.

Source : Link , Question Author : George Duckett , Answer Author : Fadeway

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