Is it possible to set item “loadouts” to a hotkey in TF2?

With all the new items that have been added recently to Team Fortress 2, I find myself spending a lot more time at the item screen than I ever used to. Some of my weapon slots now have 5 choices (with no duplicates!), and I find that certain combos of items work best together, so it’d be nice to be able to switch them all at once.

Is it possible to setup hotkeys to equip certain items, or even better, certain “sets” of items?

Just for clarity, what I’d like to do is be able to press a key and have all the equipment slots on the class I am playing get switched to particular items.


Valve finally added this as a first class feature a few patches ago, in the Manniversary Update:

You can now have up to four saved loadouts per class.

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