Is it possible to stop the Madman from escaping his yacht?

In Desert Strike’s third campaign map, one of the missions is to rescue hostages from the madman’s yacht, pictured below.

The Madman's Yacht, as the Apache Helicopter dodges incoming missiles launched by the soldiers on board

The following excerpt from a strategy guide on CheatCC details the mission:

When you first get there, shoot soldiers on the deck and take out all vehicles hanging about. Then shoot a hole in the yacht. You will see hostages float out the south side, and when you go to pick them up, Mubaba escapes in a speedboat from the north side.

Now, I’ve owned this game for a long time, but I was never able to destroy the madman’s speedboat, and neither was the writer of the guide, as he goes on to say:

I don’t know if you can stop him; I never have.

However I was playing the game the other day, and whilst I didn’t stop the speedboat, I did notice in the mission debriefing “Now the bad News” section that I lost 500 points for “The madman escaped

Does this mean it IS possible to take him out there? Or is this one of those unavoidable no-win scenarios with a guaranteed point loss?

Note that there is a 4th campaign map that wouldn’t make sense if the madman died, but I’m assuming that either his second in command takes over or that ends the game prematurely.


Welcome to one of the trolls in Desert Strike. The madman will always escape and you will always lose 500 points. This troll is just to make the player angry and to constantly retry.

On Sega’s wiki it gives you a list of objectives in Mission #3. Notice how it doesn’t say anything about possibly killing the madman. As you said earlier it would make Mission #4 impossible to understand.

Source : Link , Question Author : Robotnik , Answer Author : Young Guilo

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