Is it possible to “un-charge” a creeper?

I know how to charge a creeper by summoning lightning on top of it:

Screenshot of a charged creeper.

I’ve reviewed the vanilla behavior for the creeper, and it is easy to see how a creeper becomes charged:

"minecraft:damage_sensor": {
  "triggers": {
    "on_damage": {
      "filters": { "test": "is_family", "subject": "other", "value": "lightning"
      "event": "minecraft:become_charged"
    "deals_damage": false

However, I’ve been unable to locate anything similar to the minecraft:become_charged event, in order to effectively un-charge it.

Is it possible to un-charge a creeper?


You could pretty easily:

execute @e[type=creeper,tag="Creepers To Change"] ~ ~ ~ summon creeper
tp @e[type=creeper,tag="Creepers To Change"] ~ -100 ~
kill @e[type=creeper,tag="Creepers To Change"]

and that would swap them out. Beware they won’t have the same names or tags. Swap out the tag="Creepers To Change" for any selector arguments of your choice.

Source : Link , Question Author : Taco タコス , Answer Author : Penguin

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