Is it worth training the blacksmith?

I’ve been training my blacksmith as far as I can for my current level (Im now Act 1 Nightmare, 34), I keep putting money and money on it and I’ve barely used it!

Wouldn’t be better use all money I spend in training to buy something nice in the Auction House? Will blacksmith become more useful at higher levels? Does him provide me things that I cannot obtain in Auction House?


You can make a very strong case that for the majority of users buying gear from the AH will put you further ahead as opposed to levelling up the blacksmith.

However, this relies on the prices in the auction house remaining low. This should be a safe, long term assumption as the supply should outpace the demand assuming people resell items they purchase.

The best gear that the blacksmith produces is certainly being hoarded by those who have invested the time and effort to generate it or will be offered for sale at an enormous price.

In the short term, yes, you can do better in the AH under the current economy.

In the long term, dependant very strongly on your luck in crafting equipment with the stats you are hoping for, the blacksmith may become your better source of equipment as the best Legendary items will almost certainly be absurdly priced.

Crafting equipment has always entailed some risk. In Diablo 2, the best players would hoard perfect rubies to try to create “Blood” gear (items with strong life leech). If your build calls for such a piece then it may be the small advantage you need to start succeeding in Inferno.

Many won’t want to do this but will benefit from the few who are doing it. If they’re looking for dex gloves and you want int, their failures are your opportunity to buy.

Source : Link , Question Author : Antonio MG , Answer Author : Tharius

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