Is it worthwhile to collect gold?

In Diablo II, the gold drops from monsters and objects in the scenario (like vases). Sometimes you use some skill shot or ranged attack and drops small amounts of gold (like 5 piles of 1 gold each, or 1 stack of 5 gold).

Since I’ve started playing Diablo, I’ve been addicted to collect all gold in the ground, which consume lot’s of time. I’m wondering, is it worth spend time to collect all the gold, or ignoring the small amounts and clearing the dungeon asap (farm) will give you more time/gold?

Some math will be appreciated.


Math is not necessary – there are three reasons that gold is not worthwhile to go out of your way for:

  1. Most of your gear comes from boss runs and player trades, not gold.
  2. Almost no players with good gear will trade it for your gold.
  3. Very rarely can exceptional gear can be bought from shops (source).

Given the above points, it’s pretty clear gold isn’t enough to get great gear.

However, gold is useful for repairing items and reviving henchmen. You will learn how much that costs when you get there, and you’ll see that exhaustively exploring dungeons for gold is not necessary to provide you with repair and revive gold.

If you do really want gold, however, there is a guide especially geared towards finding lots of gold quickly (source). The gear required is pretty tough to get (Enigma among other things) so it will be a while before you can get to that stage, but nonetheless it’s possible to farm gold in an extremely efficient way, I suggest you read the guide to find out more.

Diablo is more of a speed run game more than an explore and collect game. The reason for this is that your gold does very little to advance you further in the game – leveling is the most effective way to advance. There are efficient ways to level and acquire good gear, and exploring everything while picking up every piece of gold is not one of them.

What you should do is focus on leveling quickly, and with that you will have access to higher difficulties and tougher bosses, which is turn gives much more gold and gear for the time spent than exploring dungeons bit by bit. For example, Baal runs (the final boss in the Diablo 2 expansion) are very juicy for collecting xp and gold, and in almost every leveling and farming guide you will see that most of your time is spent killing Baal. Pros who get to the top of their ladder kill Baal thousands of times!

There are many guides on leveling fast in Diablo 2, and a side effect of you leveling fast is that with xp comes lots of gold and gear. These guides are focused on maximizing gains for time spent, and effectively executed you can hit level 75 in under a week with decent gear. Here’s a guide I highly recommend to give you a perspective on the game, it’s the story of a pro hitting level 99 first with his character. There are others you should take a look at that are specific to your character class.

Sorry for the lack of math, but Diablo is played the way I explained for a reason: acquiring gold in no way can measure up to the value of leveling quickly. Only collect enough gold to purchase potions and scrolls, repair you items, and revive henchmen, and you will usually get enough as a side effect of simply speed running the game.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michel , Answer Author : Sadly Not

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