Is Rich or Abundant better?

In The Old Republic, many of the crew skills are moderate, and it’s fairly obvious that Rich and Abundant are both better than moderate, but is Rich yields the best? Or Abundant? Are there other possible qualities of missions?

Bonus: Does quality of the yields increase the difficulty? That is to say are my crew more likely to succeed if I do a moderate yield mission?


As I recall, the progression is Moderate → Abundant → Bountiful → Rich → Prosperous → Wealthy – although the latter two require mission schematics to unlock.

As to the second part of your question, yes, the difficulty increases. Check the color of the yield; if it’s orange there is a chance your crewmember will come back unsuccessful. Gray, green and yellow are almost automatic success, although you will not get a crewskill increase from gray missions and only about half the time from a green one.

EDIT Here’s a quick breakdown on the difficulty:

  • ORANGE: Highest chance of failure; guaranteed +1 to skill, possible +2 if successful.

  • YELLOW: Some chance of failure; guaranteed +1 to skill

  • GREEN: Little chance of failure, only occasionally increases skill

  • GREY: Virtually no chance of failure, never increases skill.

Source : Link , Question Author : aslum , Answer Author : svick

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