Is the Companions quest line exclusive with any other?

I’m now faced with the choice of becoming a Werewolf, and well… I know it’s silly but I honestly don’t care or want to have the Werewolf power.

Still I would like to enjoy the main questlines, and so I would like to know if I would be missing out on anything else by accepting the “beast blood”?


PS: As far as I know the Werewolf form is only exclusive with the Vampire form. If the former is cured, the latter is still excluded reportedly due to a bug. Is that correct?


You may want to rethink the Werewolf thing.

You can still get cured of Lycanthropy (werewolf-ism) later in the Companions Questline if you really don’t want to be a werewolf, but it’s really useful.

I’ve used it to clear out the top-side of forts quickly (where there are 6-7 guards hanging around), and I’ve used it when I’m facing a really tough boss. It gives you an edge, and if you do the Ill Met By Moonlight Quest and choose to save Sinding, you can keep the Ring without the curse (allowing you an extra transformation every day).

There are two things you miss out on when you’re a werewolf: Sleeping bonuses, and Vampirism. But you get neat perks in return (you can get rid of those Cure Disease Potions, and you can get “Wolf Shouts”).

Source : Link , Question Author : Bleep Bloop , Answer Author : George Stocker

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