Is the determination of which tetris block comes next random?

This is a question I’ve had since I first played this game, maybe twenty years ago. I would say that it is random, given the nature of the game. However in my experience; the O-blocks never come alone (after you get one, the chance of getting another seems more likely). I also feel that you get the I tetromino just after you made a mistake.

I’ve been googling this for quite some time and haven’t found a conclusive answer. Can somebody please help me? I’ve only played the game on the original Gameboy.


This is kind of a vague question and the primary answer is going to be equally vague: it depends on which Tetris you are playing.

More elaborately, every different version of Tetris will have its own block choice algorithm. The ones I’ve most commonly heard about are a “true” random generator that doesn’t make any kind of judgement, a “fair” generator that generates random sequences of all seven blocks (so you /will/ get every type of block equally often, but the order in which you get the blocks within a ‘batch’ of six will vary)…

… And then there is Bastet, or “Bastard Tetris”, which distinguishes itself by having an algorithm that chooses the worst possible block with malice aforethought.

For further reading I recommend the wiki pages here (different tetris random generators) and here (the ‘official’ guideline to what makes a Tetris game).

Source : Link , Question Author : rael_kid , Answer Author : Shadur

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