Is the Eel immortal?

If you jump in the sea and float for a while, you’ll start getting assaulted by sharks as well as a large eel or sea snake. I threw everything I had at it but it just won’t die. I even tried slowing time, making an obsidian wall, using all attacks, and summoning demons, but it just keeps coming.

I have two questions:

  1. Is it a single eel that keeps coming back and loses health each time you hit it or are they multiple eels, and if you don’t kill it while it is on screen, then it is gone and the next one is a different one with full health?

  2. Is it outright immortal? I noticed that no health bar is displayed when it gets hit.

Screenshot of eel passing through unharmed


After trying to kill it numerous times, I came across the wiki for the game which had the answer to both questions (assuming the wiki is accurate).

  1. It is indeed immortal and cannot be killed.

  2. The wiki says “it”, not “they”, which implies that there is only one. However, if you swim in the sea long enough, more and more sea snakes come on screen at the same time as seen below, so the wiki may simply be using inconsistent grammar.

The immortality of the snakes has the side implication that the sea level is endless (which makes it much more efficient to take the boat than to swim—maybe you get lost underwater and go in the wrong direction). It also means that you can get an unlimited number of candies, but you would need to use the boots of introspection to go beneath the seabed so that the snake can’t reach you, though even then, it becomes hard to kill the sharks who drop only a couple of hundred candies per shark anyway, so it’s not much of a candy-mine.

Screenshot of four sea snakes on screen at the same time

Source : Link , Question Author : Synetech , Answer Author : Synetech

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