Is the name “Chell”, “GLaDOS”, or “Wheatley” ever explicitly stated?

Other than “GLaDOS” being printed on one of the rings above her cores in Portal (not even sure if it appears in Portal 2 due to the reskin), is “GLaDOS” ever spoken in either game? Wheatley simply refers to her as “her”

Wheatley: In order to escape, we’re going to have to go through HER
chamber. And she will probably kill us if, um, she’s awake.

Further, does Wheatley ever introduce himself? The loading screen in later chapters reads “Wheatley Laboratories”, but does that printing show up in-game at all? GLaDOS just says “him”, “you”, etc.

GLaDOS: He’s not just a regular moron. He’s the product of the greatest minds of a generation working together with the express purpose of building the dumbest moron who ever lived.

And finally, is Chell being called Chell purely Word of God or is there something in-game that mentions her name?


Well, other than that unused GLaDOS voice line saying Chell, there is one other time where a name is mentioned: When Wheatley has just replaced GLaDOS.

“I did this! Tiny little Wheatley did this!”


Also in the Turret Opera, the fat turret (also known as the Opera Turret) sings right at the beginning:

Cara bella, cara mia bella!
Mia bambina, o ciel!

“Ciel” means “heavens” in Italian, but it sounds a lot like “Chell”…

And in the subtitles it says “GLaDOS” and “Wheatley” beside the text.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick T , Answer Author : Fabian Röling

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