Is the name of the Uplink corporation administrator discoverable?

Normally, in the game Uplink, when I want to hack into a corporate bank I have to look up the administrator name on the Public Access Server of the corporation, so I can phone him and obtain a voice recording to bypass the voice authentication. However, in the case of the Uplink company, this is not available on the Uplink PAS, and the bank lists the administrator as “Unlisted”. Is there any way I can find out the name of the Uplink admin in order to hack into the bank?


No, as stated in the FAQ on the Introversion forums, the Uplink bank is not hackable.

Q: How can I hack the Uplink bank?

A: you don’t. You need a voice sample from the admin – and, as you can see, there is no admin.

I can only assume this has been done for storyline reasons, the same reason the for the missing stuff in one of the secret missions, to potect your bank account, and your person.

Remember, there are other Uplink agent out there, and if that information was known, you, the player, could be a target of those agents.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mana , Answer Author : alexanderpas

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