Is the original Zelda available for the Wii?

I loved the old gold-cartridge Zelda, and I’ve played (and own) the latest Zelda adventure where you can go trotting off through a fairly realistic 3D world, including swimming and they make full use of the wiimotes.

Is there a version of the gold-cartridge for the Wii? Where can I get one, if so, and how much does it cost?


Yes, the original Zelda is available on Nintendo’s Virtual Console. I believe the majority of the NES games are 500 Wii points.

To obtain any Virtual Console games, open the Wii Shop Channel and choose the Virtual Console icon. You can browse the games by system or genre. Once purchased, the game is downloaded to your Wii and appears in one of the channel screens. For NES games, you can get away with using the Wii remote turned sideways as your controller, since you only need two buttons. For SNES and up, you will want a Classic Controller, since that gives you all the buttons you need.

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