Is there a list of luxury resources?

In civilization 5 is there a way to see a list of all the resources your civ. has? I know I can see the different kinds in the happiness menu and the count on the trade screen. I just want a list of all the resources without taunting another civ. by contacting them to see if I have 3 spices and 2 whales.


I highly recommend the “Luxury Resource Display” mod. It’s one of the higher-ranked mods at the moment, for good reason – it makes you permanently just a mouse-hover away from seeing a detailed list of how many luxury resources you currently have of each kind, including how many are traded.

Just search for it in the in-game mod hub, it’s easily found, but it seems to also be downloadable from here (I recommend the in-game method, though).

screenshot of mod in action

Source : Link , Question Author : Rapida , Answer Author : Oak

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