Is there a reason to not disenchant extra cards?

Crafting Mode in Hearthstone offers the option to Mass Disenchant cards. The in game screen describes the option this way:

Disenchant your extra cards to create Arcane Dust
You can’t have more than 2 copies of a card in your deck (or more than 1 legendary), so you might as well disenchant the extras and turn them into Arcane Dust!

Is there a reason to hold onto these extra cards? Turning them to dust is permanent and I’m curious as to why the game is giving me the option if the only use for them is to turn them to dust.


When a card is changed or nerfed the disenchant reward changes to the same as the enchantment cost for a few weeks. Unless you really need the dust for crafting specific cards it’s a better long term investment to wait. Best scenario you get 4X the dust if you wait.

But, if you do need specific cards for your decks it’s probably not worth it to speculate on future nerfs. Card changes are not common, so this strategy is most useful if you plan on collecting every card, or every golden card.

Patch notes in the client will list such changes. It is also common for changes to be discussed by streamers or in youtube videos.

The Card Changes page on Gamepedia lists previous changes and ones about to be changed. You can subscribe to notifications for the above page to, most likely, ensure you do not miss a card change. To do so add “Card_Changes” to your watchlist after making an account, validating your email and enabling watchlist notifications in your settings. [more info]

Source : Link , Question Author : ahsteele , Answer Author : AnnanFay

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