Is there a science to Disenchanting in Hearthstone?

I have been too chicken to disenchant any cards in Hearthstone. I have heard rumors they (Blizzard) were upping the amount of dust you got back from each card. I don’t know the validity; but, it has made me not want to even test this feature.

That said I would like an explanation of what I am looking at on the card disenchantment screen:

  • What are the Green (left side) and Red (right side numbers)?
  • Do I have to “learn” any cards before I can make them?
  • Are there certain cards that are more cost effective to disenchant?
  • Is the “disenchant all ‘extra’ cards” button safe?
  • Does it disenchant all card stacks over two cards?


Wojtek addressed most of your questions, but I’m just going to add details to this one question.

**Are there certain cards that are more cost effective to DE? **
There are two things that affect how much dust you get when you disenchant a card.

  • Card rarity
  • Foil/non-foil

Card rarity can be found by looking at the gem in the center of the card. Common cards have a white gem and give 5 dust when you disenchant them. The colors match the colors in World of Warcraft, with the highest being orange (legendary). Cards that are more rare will disenchant into more dust (you can see how much as Wojtek explained). Also, the cards you get as you level your hero to 10 are considered “basic” cards and don’t have a rarity gem. They can’t be disenchanted.

-          Normal           Gold    
-          Craft    DE      Craft   DE  
Common      40      5       400     50  
Rare        100     20      800     100  
Epic        400     100     1600    400  
Legendary   1600    400     3200    1600  

If you go through the math to complete a complete set of 2 copies of every card (leaving all of the disenchanting and crafting until last), you’re much more likely to need to disenchant commons and craft legendaries. source

Sometimes you can find gold (foil) versions of cards when you open packs. These cards functionally play exactly the same, but if you disenchant them (and keep the non-gold versions of the card) then you’ll get more dust. On the other hand, gold versions are animated (some are QUITE nice) and a nice thing to show off.

So, to answer your question, it is generally more cost effective to disenchant the gold cards, if you don’t care about the aesthetics and status of using the gold cards.

Another fact to note, if you use the “disenchant extra cards” button, it will automatically keep 2 regular and 2 gold copies of each card (for a total of 4 copies of the card). You have to manually decide which cards you want to keep and disenchant the others.

Source : Link , Question Author : BryceH , Answer Author : DiabloMonkey

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