Is there a way to automate harvesting cobblestone?

I have been working on a cobblestone generator. Being ultra-lazy, I don’t want to spend countless minutes (and who knows how many pickaxes!) actually harvesting the cobblestone. Is there something I can add to the system that will “pop” the cobblestones so I need just run them over and pick them up?

Cobblestone generator


This is an oh-so-basic “proof of concept video”. It’s a two-level cobble generator which pushes the cobble into a obsidian/water “hopper” which then has TNT dropped on it. The TNT detonates, and the water pushes the harvest cobble to the end of the water tray. Not terribly effiecnt, but still an interesting idea. Large amounts of obsidian is reccomended to protect the rest of the structure from the TNT blast. As for automatically re-loading the TNT hopper, well…

Source : Link , Question Author : fbrereto , Answer Author : tombull89

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