Is there a way to convert a .rofl file to .mp4 or .avi?

While using the League of Legends replay system, I found a nice replay that I like. I want to use it in a video, but my editing software cannot use .rofl files. Is there any way to convert the .rofl file to something I can use?

I did some quick searches to no avail.


The *.rofl files contain only binary game data and no media frames.
For example a very simplified layout of the file could look like:

id   | champ. name | action | parameters
0000 | annie       | move   | 155 | 188
0001 | fizz        | attack | annie

and so on.

With this data the client is able to “reproduce” the game you just played.
If they recorded movie data instead there would be certain disadvantages:

  • File size would probably be bigger
  • Movie is bound to a fixed resolution
  • Can’t move the camera around in the spectator view

If you want to record that game play in a common movie format you can use the built-in recorder.

Just click the red Record Button on the new Annotated Timeline to start recording, (watch your sick play), then click again
to stop.
We’re calling these video clips “Highlights” and they’re in
the .webm format. Your Highlight will be saved on your computer in the
following location:

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