Is there a way to disable showing what your friends are playing when first logging into steam?

Whenever I log onto steam and open it on the top right of my computer is shows everyone who is playing games but at 3 at a time. Due to my high number or friends it takes a good amount of time to cycle through them. That means any icons or images in my top right of the screen are blocked and I can’t click on them until the list goes away. Is there a way to disable this?


The only way to disable this is to disable friend notifications entirely.

In Steam’s settings, go to the Friends tab and uncheck “When any Friend joins a game” “Display a notification”.

Steam Fiend Notifications

Edit: As @ardaozkal has pointed out, you can override this per friend by opening the friends list, clicking the down arrow next to their name and clicking
Notification Options. Then, under “When [person name] joins a game” check the “Display a notification” box.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bucky , Answer Author : Powerlord

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