Is there a way to filter out certain tags on the Steam store?

There are some kinds of games that I really don’t like, and it would be cool if I could somehow filter my Steam store view so that I don’t see those games. Thankfully, there are tags that describe these games, so I could theoretically avoid these tags in order to avoid these kinds of games.

Is there any way to filter the Steam Queue and Featured Games page to not show games that have certain tags?

As an example: I really don’t like games with strong RTS elements. Thus, it’s not useful to me to have the Total War series show up in my feed. Is there a way to force Steam to not show me games with the RTS tag in my queue?


As of 6/23/2016, Yes.

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on your Discovery Queue.
  3. Click “Customize your Queue”.
  4. Look under “Exclude products with these tags:”

From there, you can set specific tags to no longer show in your discovery queue.

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