Is there a way to find which version a Minecraft world was created in?

I have quite a bit of old minecraft worlds lying around. With the new launcher, I understand I can create profiles for older versions of minecraft, give them their own folders, and copy the saves over to these.

I don’t want to load a save with a newer version than it was made. That usually gives ugly boundaries in world gen, or flips doors, or break things in other ways. I understand loading a newer world with an older version is even more likely to break things.

I do of course make backups, but I don’t want to try every version of Minecraft for every save that I have. Is there a quick way I can find out which version of Minecraft a world was originally created in and/or last saved in?


As of now, underneath the world’s name, original name, an last time played, it tells you the base gamemode, if there are cheats or not, and the version.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : SuperNarwhals095

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