Is there a way to increase inventory size in Diablo II?

I have owned Diablo II for a long time. That said, I have never actually given it the time that it deserves. I figured with the release of D3 coming quickly I would sit down and give it the old college try.

When I play games that involve collecting items dropped from slain enemies I must gather it all! This bandit has a worthless plate in his inventory? Thank you! So because of this I am having trouble with inventory management.

I understand that inventory management is “part of the game”, but to that end I have too many potions and scrolls that as I start clearing a dungeon I can’t pick up everything. It really bothers me to leave behind a sword or a belt. I just have so many potions and scrolls that I cannot pick up very much.

Is there any legitimate (not against ToS or EULA) way to increase my inventory space so I can carry more items?


No. Without third party mods, there is no way to increase the size of your inventory or your stash.

There are a few tricks you can do, however, to take creative advantage of some game mechanics. Try carrying the Horadric Cube with you, which has a 3×4 area inside it but only takes up a 2×2 area in your inventory. You can also equip items you’re not using. This works best with weapons, since you can swap to the unused weapon set, equip the item, then swap back to the weapon you actually want to use.

Another trick is that you can open your inventory and pick up an item off the ground even if your inventory is full. If you quit the game while this item is replacing your cursor, the next game you join will still have that item available to you. You can use this in a multiplayer game to ninja an important item even if your inventory is full.

Even with these minor space savers, you still won’t be able to pick up everything. You’ll just have to learn to live with leaving some items on the ground. They’re not all worth grabbing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Adanion , Answer Author : Invader Skoodge

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