Is there a way to make StarCraft 2 remember my password?

StarCraft 2 requires me to enter my password every time I launch the game. Is there a way to bypass this inconvenience, for example by making it remember the password somehow?


No, Starcraft II itself cannot remember your password.

However, you can use keyboard macros or macro/hotkey programs to enter it for you. People (including myself) have been using scripts to automatically launch, enter passwords, and log into various Blizzard games. This is NOT a violation of Blizzard’s terms of use, because it does not affect the actual game.

It’s only illegal if your macro/hotkey scripts are actually performing actions within the game itself.

If you’re looking for some tools to automate the launch process, you can look into AutoHotkey or HotkeyNet.

To be more exact, follow the one action, one keystroke rule. Which means that any character action or UI input must be the immediate result of a human pressing a key. So while I can have a single key macro to press multiple hotkeys simultaneously, it would be illegal to make it so that when I press a button, keystrokes would be sent to the game client 5 seconds later. Any sort of “wait” action in your macros are against the ToU. As a multiboxer, I can personally affirm that it is fine to have me press ‘1’ on my keyboard and have all 5 of my shamans cast lightning bolt. It’s not fine for me to have a macro that sends ‘D’ (unload) on a Nydus network every 20 seconds for remote Drone mining.

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