Is there a way to play KSP without having studied rocket science?

A couple of years ago I bought KSP and struggled to even get through the tutorial getting the “basics”.

I didn’t get anywhere, got frustrated and just stopped playing the game. However this morning I felt like I should give the game another chance.

Now it’s currently 5pm and after about 10 hours of playing I still didn’t even get successfully through 1 of the tutorials and I’m just getting as frustrated as before.

So my question is: Is there any preknowledge expected for this game, or is there anything I can get a tutorial about how to play successfully the tutorial?

currently I’m just faced failing all some minutes in the same situation with not explained instructions I dont know how to execute and without any help from the internet.

Is it just me who has this trouble or am I simply missing some other people’s help?


You don’t need to have previously studied rocket science to play Kerbal Space Program.

I’ve had a brief look at the tutorial and it covers stuff that you don’t really need to know to get started, like radial decouplers. You can practically get into orbit by just using the starting pod, chucking a parachute on top, sticking some fuel tanks in the middle, and a rocket on the bottom (getting out of orbit again needs a little more ;p). And you start with SRBs (solid rocket boosters) so you won’t even really need that, just chuck a bunch of SRBs on the bottom.

The second tutorial starts off with introducing the controls in the bottom left, which I think that I have literally never ever used. RCS which you won’t need until you’re trying to dock ships in orbit. The ship holder thingies that are only useful for the biggest, heaviest rockets. Then there’s a bunch about asteroid redirects, which are pretty late-game stuff.

Actually playing KSP is a lot easier than the tutorial makes it seem. All of those things (well most of them) are useful, but you are introduced to them a lot more gradually.

However, you will need the ability to discover and grasp new concepts for yourself. For example, orbital mechanics- the first time I tried to fly to the Mun, I literally just tried to go straight up. You need to have somewhere you can ask questions when you get stuck, but the answers are usually quite simple. You won’t succeed at Kerbal Space Program without outside help from time to time.

I also forgot to mention MechJeb, which is fucking awesome and IMO the game is unplayable without. But that’s in the somewhat longer term.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zaibis , Answer Author : DeadMG

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