Is there an 8th Sword orb in Secret of Mana?

In the SNES game Secret of Mana, all the weapons seem to have 8 orbs, and thus 9 variations, except the Mana Sword. It doesn’t seem possible to forge the Mana Sword more than 7 times, to get it to level 9. Is there a way to forge the 8th level sword, the Dragon Buster? And if so, what is the 9th sword?


In the standard gameplay, there is no 9th orb for the sword. I’ve placed the reason for this in the following spoiler block.

The final sword is the Mana Sword. You can only get it by casting the spell Mana Magic, which you get just before the final battle. It upgrades your sword to that level for the duration of the spell.

There is, however, a glitch that can let you use it normally. You can find this information in this other answer. ♪

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