Is there any benefit to choosing the “do nothing” options in an encounter?

Aside from things like preventing hull damage in a space battle you might loose, or trying to get the Coming in for my Pacifism run! achievement, is there ever any benefit or “good outcome” from choosing “do not attack” or other “do nothing” options like:

  • Explore the asteroid field? Too dangerous. We’ll just wait for the FTL to charge.
  • Explore the nearby system with your impulse engines? Stay near the beacon.
  • You spot a rebel ship in the nebula ahead and stay off their radar. Try to engage? Stay hidden.
  • Try to help the damaged Federation ship? Keep your position, they can handle themselves.


The “Leave it alone” / “Do nothing” option generally avoids the chance of combat encounter. There are the occasional downsides to avoiding such encounters are there are frequently third options available (such as “Purchase an Unknown Weapon” for the “Black Market Weapon Trader” encounter – which can also lead to combat) however the upside is that if your ship is in a bad state, “Leave it alone” style options will normally allow you to move from the current node without the potential for more destruction occurring.

Of course, there are examples where even selecting the “Leave it alone” style option will still result in combat, for example against “The Black Raven” encounter, where refusing to duel The Black Raven will still result in you duelling.

Here are some examples of some of the random encounters and what their “Leave it alone” option avoids;

  • Ancient Device – Leave it alone avoids an encounter with a Rock ship
  • Black Market Weapon Trader – Ignore it avoids an encounter with ha pirate ship but also ignores the chance for a random weapon
  • Black Raven – Decline has the same effect as Accept and you will still have to duel
  • Bump Hulls with a Mantis Ship – *This place is dangerous enough. Move on” avoids combat with a Mantis ship
  • Single Life Form on Moon – Ignore the Signal prevents one of many outcomes from hull damage to gaining a crew member
  • Civilian Ship Chased By A Pirate – Stay out of it avoids combat with a pirate ship
  • Friendly ship out of fuel – Apologise, with them luck and continue on results in you missing out on a positive outcome (free weapon, map for current sector, etc)

Source : Link , Question Author : IQAndreas , Answer Author : kalina

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