Is there any benefit to damaging enemy Sensors?

Damaging an enemy ship’s systems in a battle reduces their capabilities, the same as them doing damage to your ship’s systems does. However, unlike everything else on a ship, the only function Sensors have in battle is providing you with more information about the two ships.

Does damaging an enemy ship’s Sensors have any effect on their ship, aside from giving its crew something else to repair? Given that enemy ships never seem to be selective about what they target on my ship (e.g. uselessly attacking empty rooms with ion weapons), it’s not at all obvious to me what use, if any, enemy ships actually make of Sensors.


Well, I guess there’s two answers to your question.

  1. In general, it’s always more useful to target shields, teleporters, weapons, drones, life support in roughly that order. If your target is escaping, priority would be engines and bridge obviously after taking down shields. There’s never really any practical need in a battle to take down the enemy’s sensors

  2. As to whether they confer any kind of noticeable ability on the AI that would be removed with their loss, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed anything like that. A drone with no sensors is equally capable of targeting specific critical systems with pinpoint accuracy then missing and hitting hull for the next 6 shots or so.

So, overall, no I wouldn’t say there’s any noticeable benefit, and possible no benefit at all in damaging enemy sensors.

Source : Link , Question Author : Paul Kuliniewicz , Answer Author : Topperfalkon

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