Is there any guaranteed way to complete the Like Water achievement?

The Like Water Achievement Monk Class specific achievement requires you to dodge 15 attacks in a row.

Dodge is a percentage chance with diminishing returns as I understand it. I boost my Dex quite high when I can and even using Mantra of Evasion, Fists of Thunder, Sixth Sense and Guardian’s Path with 2 1-H weapons I still can’t seem to get 15 consecutive dodges.

Am I doing something wrong? Does enemy level vs. your level make a difference to dodge chance? Is there any way to increase dodge that I am missing? Is my Dex maybe too low and if so, how high would it need to be to get this achievement? In short, how do I get the Like Water achievement?

Specific details on the minimum setup needed would be much appreciated if relevant. Extra points for math as well.


I managed to receive this achievement via the Serenity skill. There’s no combat log, so I can’t double-check, I’m afraid. I was in the middle of a pretty large group of enemies and losing health. As I always do, I hit Serenity and kept going. When Serenity wore off, I received the achievement.

I’m not 100% sure, but I didn’t see a lot of dodge indicators while Serenity was active. Perhaps it triggers on just not taking damage from attacks?

Source : Link , Question Author : skovacs1 , Answer Author : Frank

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