Is there any means by which I can generate and/or download a Witcher 1 Save file for import into The Witcher 2?

So, I’m finally getting around to playing The Witcher 2. (Yeah, yeah, I know, late to the party…). I’ve played the original Witcher, multiple times, and loved it. I had save files, that I was eagerly waiting to import. And then… I got a new computer.

I thought I had moved my save files over, but it turns out, I had tossed an empty folder named The Witcher with an empty subfolder named Saves onto my external HDD. Stupid mistake. Very stupid mistake.

Point is, I’d like to find a Witcher 1 save file suitable for importing. An ideal solution would be if there’s some way to generate one with some key decisions made (I recall CDPR saying something about a web-based ‘save generator at one point early in development, but I don’t know if anything came of it?), or a database of them online (think, something like Mass Effect Saves).

Barring that, if you have some save files with varying endgame choices (killed/spared monsters, Triss/Shani etc.) and paths (Order/Neutral/Scoia’tel), feel free to hit me up in Chat – I’ll happily host the file and let you link it for an accepted answer if there’s no better solution. If we get a bunch of people sending saves to me, a nice orderly CW answer could be a great resource.


I found these couple of saves that someone has shared:

Save 1

Save 2

EDIT: I also found this forum post that appears to contain some type of generator. There is a link in the first post.

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