Is there any point to equipping a bracelet that doesn’t match your sword?

For Crystalis on the NES, is there a point to equipping a bracelet that doesn’t match the sword you are holding?


Equipping a Bracelet of a different sword should let you charge your current sword to Level 2 maximum. This is as opposed to equipping nothing at all, which restricts you to Level 1 charging. The main utility of doing this is to comfortably hold a Level 2 charge instead of needing to constantly walk around to avoid building up to a Level 3 charge (and thus conserve your MP).

In case it needed the clarification, this does not provide access to a Level 2 charge which you did not already have access to. It’s merely a method to restrict yourself once you have the bracelet that does match your sword.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Grace Note

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