Is there any reason to hang out with people?

Throughout the game, you are able to call people and ask them to “Hang Out”. You can then take them out to either a bar, movies, stripclub, etc.

I know in Grand Theft Auto 4, there were perks given to the player that completely developed a friendship with someone.

Is there any reason to “hang out” with people in Grand Theft Auto 5?


As far as I know, this has been (together with the romance part) removed from the game.
Hanging out with your friends is just a way to do the ‘pastime activities’ which also count towards your 100% checklist. But they can also be done alone.
And it’s a way to get some more back-story through the dialogue.

(Of course you standard perks train while hanging out, e.g. stamina when running, etc.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Dom , Answer Author : Chaos_99

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