Is there any strategy to 2048 Numberwang?

I tried out 2048 Numberwang and I can’t figure out if there is a strategy to it. Unlike 2048, the numbers keep changing every time you press a key. I just kept randomly pressing the arrow keys until I got to the point where the game ended. Is there a strategy to actually playing?


Yes, it’s like regular 2048 but a bit silly.

If you ignore the randomly changing numbers, the occasional shinty-six, and “that’s numberwang”, it actually plays just like 2048. You can and should ignore the numbers on the pieces- use the colour of the backgrounds instead.

There are a few differences. Most notably, tiles have a 2.5% chance of merging even if their value is not the same. This makes the game significantly easier than real 2048.

Source : Link , Question Author : Thunderforge , Answer Author : Studoku

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