Is there any way to avoid this seed planting bug?

I am experiencing a very annoying bug where planting two seeds next to each other causes them to either turn back into items, or disappear entirely. This happens for wheat, pumpkin, and melon seeds in the same area.

If I try to plant wheat in the red square (Image 1), then both it and the one next to it disappear (Image 2).

Before planting
After planting

Is there anything I can do to stop this happening and plant my seeds properly?


It looks to me that it isn’t a bug that’s causing the seeds to pop out, but your lack of lighting. If an area is too dark, seeds will pop out. I don’t know why the other one pops out too, but you can at least try to increase the lighting. That should fix the problem.

Source : Link , Question Author : DanielGibbs , Answer Author : Alexis King

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