Is there any way to move trophies and save data between accounts in one PS3?

I have two accounts in my PS3, one for playing and another one for use online. I want to move the game saves and trophies from the playing account to the online and get rid of it. Is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance.


You cannot move trophies from one account to another. The account is intended to represent you and your achievements. If you were allowed to transfer trophies, you could theoretically sell your trophies to people for real money, which would introduce a problem for Sony.

You can transfer trophies to another console, which works just by moving your account to the new console. The trophies are linked to your PSN identity and should load with no problems in that case.

Edit: Totally missed the save data part of the question. According to, it seems that PS3 saves are specific to user accounts. PS1 and PS2 saves are shared by every user on the system. However, a user in this thread encountered a message that said he was attempting to copy saves to another account when he was attempting to copy saves between consoles. Since he received it seemingly as an error message, it seems you can’t copy saves either. Someone with more experience with this might be able to give you a more thorough answer though.

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