Is there any way to shout more often?

I’m a Dovahkiin. I can shout people to death, and it’s awesome.

I lament, however, that my voice can only shout every so often, usually requiring a cooldown of 30 seconds (or more!) before I can shout again.

Is there any way to reduce the cooldown of the Thu’um? I discovered that activating a shrine of Talos offers a Blessing of Talos effect that reduces the time between shouts by 0%. I assume this is a bug (supposed to be 10%, perhaps?), but it makes me hopeful that other such shout reduction effects exist elsewhere in the game.

Is there anything that help me shout more often?


An Amulet of Talos will reduce the time between shouts by 20%. I believe this stacks with the +20% to shout recovery from shrines to Talos, which will knock a whopping 40% off your recovery time.

Sadly, you cannot disenchant the amulet and learn to make your own +Shout Recovery items.

Also the dragon mask Morokei (requires unofficial bugfix patch) adds another 20% getting you to 60%.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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