Is there any way to speed up actions in XCOM 2?

There are some actions in XCOM 2 that I would like to see sped up. There is sometimes waiting times that seem unnecessary. Are there any settings or anything available to speed up actions?


The mod “Stop Wasting My Time” (made by someone who is also active here, btw) would be just what you need. It removes unnecessary waiting times in the game, speeding your turns (and probably even the enemies turns) up significantly. Note however, that not all pauses in the game could be eliminated, as some of them are hardcoded into the game.

I use the mod myself, and I am totally happy with it.

Beware, though: as with all mods, deactivating the mod (should you decide you dont like it) prevents you from loading a save made with that mod. There is an experimental mod to “fix” this, but I would still recommend to Backup your saved game before installing any mod!

Source : Link , Question Author : ponsfonze , Answer Author : Patta

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