Is there definitive information about how long dropped items stay around for a way of permanent storage?

I am somewhat running out of storage space, as I am unsure about what to do with a lot of items (keep, sell, dismantle etc.), so I was looking for a way to permanently store them somewhere. Now there are no chests or houses for your storage like in other games, and looking around people suggest to just find a nice spot and dump stuff there, while others say that is a bad idea. Current hypothesis about how long it stays there include:

  • Forever
  • Until the next patch making savegame files incompatible
  • A certain (amounts varies) ingame time
  • Until you travel far away enough
  • Certain mainline quest events
  • A certain amount of items are lying around in total throughout the whole world (kinda first dropped vanishes first if a list is full)
  • One of the above but depending on the area

So is there any confirmed method of dumping stuff safely somewhere so I could in my lvl 1 time dump something and then come back there and collect it shortly before end game, and it is guaranteed to stay there (minus bugs, obviusly)?

Note that I am on a PS4 so PC mods or console commands are out of the question.


Not a solution to your original question, but a solution for your permanent storage problem: About two weeks ago, CD Projekt Red announced patch 1.07 which will add a permanent storage.

A player stash for storing items, available in various locations
throughout the game. Stash locations are marked on the player’s map.

See this forum post and the official change log.

CD Projekt Red didn’t give any details about the release date of the patch. They only stated that the PC version is ready and the console versions are waiting for certification.

Source : Link , Question Author : PlasmaHH , Answer Author : Exa

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