Is there gameplay advantage of adding multiple similar parts to your creature in Spore?

In Spore, when adding a new part to your creature you gain the abilities that come with it (e.g. charm level 2, sneak level 1). Naturally, adding a better part (e.g. charm level 4) or replacing the older one gives you better ability.

Adding multiple similar health parts does seem to increase your total health for each part added. But is there some similar gameplay advantage when adding others kinds of parts multiple times?

(Of course, much of Spore’s attraction is in creating a creature that suits your tastes, so of course there’s often a point in adding multiple similar parts. What I’m asking is if there’s also a gameplay advantage.)


At the creature stage (on land) I’m afraid adding duplicate parts doesn’t help you out. Essentially your skill level (charm, melee, etc.) is determined by the part with the highest level (for that skill).

I’ve experimented with this a fair bit, and does appear to be only be available for aesthetic reasons.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ilari Kajaste , Answer Author : Stu Pegg

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