Is there tax on card packs? [closed]

I live in Arizona, USA. I was thinking about buying one or two $20 gift cards to buy the Karazhan adventure and some card packs. But, having searched all over the internet, it seems that because of the state I live in, I have to pay tax on in-game items such as card packs and adventures. Is this true? If I buy two $20 gift cards will I be able to buy $40 worth of adventures and packs or will I only be able to buy around $35-37 worth of items because of tax?


Blizzard specifies that taxes are applicable to your state (Arizona) as well as 14 other sates of America.

For questions or concerns about these taxes or your specific tax rate,
contact your state’s Department of Revenue.

Also, if you buy 2 x $20 gift cards, you will be able to buy $40 worth in-game content no matter what happens.

Source : Link , Question Author : GamrCorps , Answer Author : Ksyqo

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