Is this Fireplace Safe?

I built a wood house that I’m rather proud of. I’ve built a fireplace that seem safe, but I don’t want to risk burning my house down. I’ve seen plenty of tutorials online for making safe fireplaces, but most of them are more than 1 year old, and possibly obsolete. I tried reading the Minecraft Wiki article on fire, but it gets pretty wordy and difficult to understand. Is the fireplace pictured below safe?

View from inside. (The wood planks in the fireplace will be the fuel, and eventually replaced with netherrack):
View from inside.

Up close view. (Fuel has been removed):
Up close view.

Outside view. (4 dirt blocks have been removed to show base of chimney):
Outside view


To answer your question, I decided to experiment with your build. I tried to replicate your fireplace as accurately as I could, while limiting the size of the structure surrounding it:

enter image description here

I tried to keep the base structure of the fireplace as close to identical as I could.

enter image description here

I first attempted the fire with the wood planks shown in your pictures:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, the wood burned down to nothing, and the fire eventually died. I then tried it with Netherrack.

enter image description here

Everything seemed to be going well. I thought I’d successfully completed the experiment, when suddenly:

enter image description here


The end result to follow:

enter image description here

Alas, my structure (house) was destroyed. I feel I didn’t even get to know my creation, for it died within minutes of me setting the fire.

Long story short, NO. The fire will spread to your house.

five wooden blocks were harmed in the making of this answer

EDIT It is worth noting, however, that out of the 4 times I’ve rebuilt/retested, every time the fire has started at the bushes along the outside of the fireplace.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Sonic42 , Answer Author : Niro

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