Keep some chunks loaded in Minecraft SMP

I am looking for a mod or something which would allow me to keep some chunks loaded on the SMP server I administrate.

In fact, it is a redstone circuit including a clock under a huge mob trap which triggers some pistons and water bringing loots regularly to a point. This would allow mobs to spawn continuously and the redstone circuit also to run without having to be reset when we want it to work (because the power freezes when the chunks are unloaded and doesn’t restart afterwards).

Does something like that exist ?


Minecraft 1.13.1 and newer versions have a /forceload command:

/forceload add x z

Where x and z are the coordinates of the chunk you want to load (specified as number of chunks from 0,0), not the number of blocks

Source : Link , Question Author : Alexandre Bourdin , Answer Author : pppery

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